Monday, 31 March 2014

Saturday Worshipping at The Church

Saturday I arranged to meet a couple of my favourite girlies (Julie, Tracey and Celyn)  for a spot of shopping, cocktails and lunch. 

With all the best intentions our tummy's were rumbling and we got distracted by the fabulous Church in Chester (

The Church is, as the name suggests, a fairly new bar and restaurant in a converted church, located in the heart of Chester. I cannot tell you how stunning the building is, it's something you really need to check out yourself! 

 See I told you, stunning!

Settling down in a plush booth we decided cocktails were a must to aid is in our soon to be shopping trip.

A Pornstar Martini for me - fast replacing the Espresso Martini as my favourite. 

A Long Island Ice tea for Julie, a Mojito for Tracey and a Strawberry Mocktail for 10-year old Celyn (we didn't want to leave her out)!

Browsing the menu we couldn't choose just one dish so decided to share a platter - Balsamic glazed sausages, cured salmon, homemade chinese chicken goujons, tempura prawns, duck and guinea fowl terrine, goats cheese tart and a whole load of delicious freshly baked bread.

 I will definitely be visiting The Church again, it's a lovely place with a great vibe. They have bands playing regularly and with a few friends, drinks and food I think this would be a top night out.

All worship The Church.

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