Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Letting Go

So this is my first post of a personal nature and while I enjoy blogging about food and fab places to visit I think it's important to discuss the slightly more serious things in life - here goes!

I think the above says it all really. At the moment I absolutely adore my life and everyone in it. Rewind back to 2011 and this really wasn't the case! 

I was stuck in a marriage that had long lost the love, had a young child that I couldn't connect with and a job in Customer Services that I hated. I was broken. I didn't like myself, in fact I loathed myself and I would wake up everyday wondering if I would ever be happy again.

In a bid to cher myself up I bought a copy of Cosmo, which was giving this book away as a promotional freebie. To say this was a turning point in my life is an understatement! I was you see very overweight and this was not doing anything to contribute to my low self-esteem.

I read this book like a bible and began the diet. Not only did it help me loose over two stone and feel and look a lot healthier, it also gave me HOPE. Hope that this wasn't how my life had to be. I could take the control back and change the way I was living.

So that's exactly what I did! I wanted out of this life I'd inadvertantly traped myself in. I left my husband, began to work on my relationship with my son and began smiling for the first time in years. (Oh and I got made redundant from my job with a nice little redundancy package). :-)

Desert Sunset in Dubai with the girls - December 2012

View from our Venice Hotel - February 2013

Bikes in Amsterdam - July 2013

Ibiza Hen Do - August 2013

 Since the day I walked out of that life I haven't looked back. The pics above are just some of the amazing places I have visited in these two years with some amazing friends.

My handsome son Riley

I've become a better person and a better mother and I've finally got my smile back! 

I guess the message of this post is this: If your unhappy with your life change it! I know it sounds so simple and I know it's a lot harder said then done but you deserve to LIVE and not just exist.

Everybody has the potential to make their life one they actually enjoy living and ultimately just be happy.

Lisa x 


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