Friday, 9 January 2015

Down and Dirty in Digbeth

If you have read this blog previously you'll know just how much I love street art. I think it's such an under appreciated art form though it has come a long way in the last decade. If the only name you know associated with graffiti and street art is Banksy you are missing out my friend.

On the 6th September I headed down to Digbeth with another 9,000 or so enthusiasts to enjoy Birmingham's City of Colours Festival. Similar to the 'See No Evil' project down in Bristol the streets of Digbeth have been transformed into outdoor art galleries to display a host of artists work.

Artists included: Inkie; Mila K; JimmyC; Captain Kris; Enzime; Digo; Dreph and a whole lot more.

 Walls, doors, bridges and even disused trucks and train carriages have been turned from ugly eyesores into beautiful, multi-coloured pieces of seriously impressive art. But it wasn't just art on offer. Digbeth has become a hub for everything creative and the heart of the festival, the Custard factory has been transformed into a buzzing area of activity. 

There are Vintage treasure troves, cute little cafe's, pop-up art galleries and even a section for B Boy style battles. 

Other areas included The Arena, Alfie Birds and The Old Crown Pub. There was a plethora of entertainment on offer from Live Music to Illustration Battles and even some BMX action.

My sister and I wandered the streets taking in the atmosphere and of course being very snap happy. When our feet and purses could take no more we headed to The Old Crown to listen to some Beat Box battles and purchase some much needed refreshments.

The pulled pork burger on a deliciously sweet brioche roll really was tasty as was my accompanying beer, however we were slightly disappointed when we discovered an army of assorted street food vans just round the corner!

Bellies full we moved onto the live illustration battle. Some of these artists have got mad skills. I'm always in awe of people who can take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. I was particularly impressed by the work of C3. I just love her simple but striking style.

Some of the bigger scale pieces are situated down in the Arena area including this awesome decorated train compartment.

And believe it or not this entire festival was free! We are so lucky to have events like this in the UK and I would one hundred percent recommend checking out Digbeth. It's an ugly area transformed into a rose within an Urban metropolis.

City of Colours offer street art tours that run from 1.00pm each Saturday. Log onto the website for more information. I for one will definitely be visiting Digbeth again this year for everything it has to offer. Lets hope that other major cities in the UK will get on board and regenerate some of their uglier areas into works of art.


  1. Love these!! Street art is the best, so entertaining and full of purpose and beauty. Thanks for sharing!! :)

    Pretty in Python

  2. Thanks for your support Alison. I'm so glad that you enjoyed and share a similar passion of the art. I'm sure there will many more of these posts to follow. x