Sunday, 11 January 2015

Afternoon Tea @ Cloud 23

It's a fact that I have the best sister in the world. I'm one of those awkward post-Christmas babies who is unfortunate enough to have their birthday between the big day and New Years. Because of this it's very rare that I do anything decent to celebrate my birthday.

This year my beautiful sister decided that this wouldn't be the case. I woke up on my birthday morning to cupcakes in bed and a present treasure hunt.
Excited like a child (and probably high off the sugar) I used my clues to search the house for my gifts and was delighted to find that Julie had arranged a full day and night of fun in Manchester. Now anyone who knows me will know that I love nothing more than vintage shopping, afternoon tea and a good laugh. So that's exactly what was arranged for me. Starting with afternoon tea in the amazing Cloud 23 @ The Hilton, Manchester.

Situated in Deansgate, the Hilton is hard to miss: it dominates the landscape of Manchester and has incredible views over the city. You enter the reception and take your own personal lift up to the 23rd floor.

Unfortunately on my birthday the weather was rather sad and the views weren't as clear as I'd hoped but you can get an idea of just how incredible it is up here on a clear day or in the evening when the city is light up.

Nothing better than a glass of Champagne with your bestie to start off your birthday celebrations, cheers!

Seated in plush seats and enjoying the panoramic views afternoon tea is served and boy is it a decadent affair. Dainty finger sandwiches, Mini bagels topped with Welsh rarebit, a selection of delicious cakes and of course the obligatory scones with jam and clotted cream.

The buttermilk scones were excellent but the real winner was this white chocolate brownie, topped with cream cheese frosting and a dusting of raspberry powder. Mmm this was soo good!

I really enjoyed the afternoon at The Hilton and would recommend it to anyone visiting Manchester as a special treat. The views are incredible and the food is delicious. They do Cocktail master classes and the bar area is pretty sweet.

Bellies full we headed off to do some Vintage shopping in Affleck's (where I spent far too much) and enjoy some cocktails in The Alchemist before heading off to The Comedy Store for some incredible stand-up. Manchester I heart you!

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