Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Sunshine State

I can't believe we are already in June! I've been a very bad blogger recently and due to work/social commitments haven't posted anything in quite a while.
My apologies if you look forward to reading the blog and have been disappointed in the lack of content recently. I've had a crazy May and have been completely snowed under.
I have just returned from a well needed holiday, spending two blissful weeks in sunny Florida with family. This means I have plenty of amazing experiences to report on, yeah!
I arrived in Florida on 6th May and was all ready to set up a post when I realised I hadn't packed my laptop. Then to my horror my faithful Nikon had a meltdown on day two of the trip. Now this would usually send me over the edge and into a full, downward spiral of despair but I decided to embrace the time this break has allowed me to relax.
Anyway here are some of my favourite images from my holiday (taken on my iPhone and my sister's Lumix point and shoot). Mr Nikon is being repaired. More posts to follow.
Riley enjoying the plane journey.
Our lovely new home and ride for two weeks.
A very cheesy street name indeed!

Delicious Caribbean cuisine at Bahama Breeze.

Pool Time!

The sign that sums up how I feel about life.

Beautiful vintage cars.

Duff Land - I wish I could live here.

Amazing metal sculptures.


Heaven is Discovery Cove.

Butter Beer in Harry Potter World - Florida how I miss you!!

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