Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Jason Vale Juice Detox

Now I know I'm well behind on this trend but I've always found juice diets rather dubious. I love my food and have always been rather reluctant to give it up for a period of time to live solely on liquids. But with my holiday fast approaching and feeling extremely bloated and tired I thought I'd finally give it a go.

I bought a juicer at the beggining of the year and have enjoyed making juices occassionally to get my hit of fruit and veg so I already had the main piece of kit. So Jason Vale is the 'Juicing King' and claims that in just five days you can loose 5lbs and reap the health benefits of a pure juice diet.

I read the book before starting and I must admit that the testimonials of those who'd done his other programmes was impressive. They'd all lost a minimum of 5lbs with some even loosing a whopping 10lbs in 7 days! A lot of people also reported that their health conditions had cleared up or improved. We're talking everything from Psoriasis to IBS.

I've been struggling with my skin recently so I thought "What the hell I'll give it a go"! Off I went to Morrisons to stock up on all the Fruit & Veg that I  needed. I expected the cost to be substantial but the bill was only around £40 and I left looking like I was ready to stock a Green Grocers.

 Now what I will say is this detox is hard. Jason says you wont be hungry as your body is getting all the nutrients it needs but you may suffer from caffeine and sugar withdrawals. The first day I felt extremely edgy and it was pure hell watching my 6 year old eat pizza. However by day 3 I can honestly say I wasn't that concerned about others eating around me as you have a juice every three hours so it was never long until your next one.

The juices range from delicious (Banana Berry Crunch) to barely drinkable (Minty Sunshine). And if your going to give it a go make sure that you have a god juicer as this will affect the quality of the juice. Half way through day five I was absolutely sick of juice and I couldn't consume anymore so I had a sneaky salad for tea.

Despite this last minute bail on my part I woke up the next day to see the scales down by 4lbs, my waist reduced by 2 inches and 3 inches gone from my hips. I felt great, not bloated at all and my skin had improved greatly. People complimented me in work and I had loads of energy.

All in all while the detox was a challenge I think the benefits it brought were well worth it. And while I cant see myself living on juices for a long period of time I will incorporate one a day into my diet and keep away from all the caffeine that I was putting into my body. Now I'm fighting fit and ready for Florida!


  1. Well done lisa u look fab xxx

    1. Thanks Jen, I'll keep the juicing up! :-) x x

  2. Well done lisa :-) u look fab xxx